Conscious Touch Healing

Conscious Touch Healing, known as Access Bars®, is a quantum approach to liberating cellular memories. It combines the rebalancing of digito-cranial energy with profound relaxation.

During the session, I will delicately awaken 32 energy points located on the head, with a light touch lasting several minutes.
This activation creates an electromagnetic bar, allowing the release of stored energy and the dissolution of anything that no longer serves you, in alignment with your unconscious desires.
This release offers you the possibility to free yourself from repetitive patterns, stress, and blockages that may hinder you.
Not only will this session bring you deep relaxation, and it will also generate an opening as well as a letting go that will calm the mind, reduce stress, improve sleep, release tension, whether physical or emotional, in order to open up a space of calm and well-being. Thus, your full potential will be revealed to you.
In essence, you’re unlocking the gateway to heightened consciousness

Benefits ?

– Gives more energy
– Dissolves stress and anxiety
– Eliminates mental chatter
– Reduces the burden of negative thoughts
– Unlocks creativity
– Dissolves emotional saturation
– Helps to achieve a more permanent state of calm and clarity of mind
– Works deeply to repair emotional distress
– Combats and prevents insomnia
– Clears mental, emotional, physical and energetic blockages.
– …
Thank you for this wonderful Access Bar session, which enabled me to “get rid of all negative ideas”… a real “cleansing”!… A state of absolute well-being and serenity. Gentle, loving, professional… Aline is a real gem on the island! I recommend her 200%.

Aline is a lovely person and super professional. I tried the Access Bars session and loved it. I have always had trouble calming my mind but Aline’s therapy has left me in a very deep state of relaxation. It was a great experience and I would recommend her to anyone looking for peace of mind, thank you Aline!


45 euros

Special package : 80 euros

Duration of the session

1 hour

Conscious touch healing + Holistic massage  : 2h