Ayurvedic kansu bowl foot massage

The Kansu bowl foot massage is a traditional Indian full foot massage, gently and deeply worked, with the uniqueness of the use of a bowl, made of 5 alloys : copper, zinc, silver, pewter and gold.
(These 5 elements resonate with the 5 elements of nature: earth, water, fire, air, and ether that make up the human body.)
This therapy treats the whole person, to rebalance the body energy as well as the emotional part, to go back to the source of the imbalance and activates the self-healing process of your body.
This gentle and unique manual therapy is close to magnetism and reiki, aiming to rebalance the whole body by working on the reflex zones in order to stimulate the organs relating to the elimination of toxins, reduce pain, fatigue or any other problem, while helping you regain a better quality of life.
In Asia, the foot has a spiritual aura. It is even said that touching the feet is reaching the soul …

Personally, I call it “soul therapy by the feet”, and I accompany you during this precious moment, with kindness, gentleness and compassion to guide you on your personal journey through life.

The massage, with the action of the bowl, will alleviate the Pitta dosha, which is fire, characterized by anger and nervousness, by calming and soothing.
If, on the contrary, fatigue is present, it will provide the missing energy and vitality.
Pitta governs metabolism, body temperature and digestion both physically and symbolically.

It is the principle that helps us to digest food but also to digest what we are going through on an emotional level.

 This Ayurvedic foot massage allows a real anchoring, by reconnecting to one’s body and to the earth, to welcome inner peace.

It is preceded by manual techniques to then give way to the massage of the bowl.
It is ideal for all the nervous, anxious, insomniacs and athletes, and also for anyone looking for well-being and deep relaxation.

This treatment has a preventive, therapeutic and anti-stress action.

I had a fantastic and relaxing experience. I was impressed by the dedication, gentleness and attention that she dedicates to the session. I leave super calm, quiet and feeling an incredible balance. Totally recommended!

Some examples of these benefits :

– Reduces anxieties and anger                                                                                                                                                                                                                
– Stress reduction Calms the mind

– Regulation of energy circulation                                                                                                                                                                                                                         –  Improvement of the digestive, nervous, blood, lymphatic and hormonal systems

– Improved sleep
– Improved metabolism
– Detoxification of the body
– Vision improvement
– Relaxation and well-being
– Brings a sense of letting go
– Physical pain, (ex: muscle and joint pain, migraine,…)
– Emotional pain
– Energy imbalances
– Constipation
– Faster recovery after illness or surgery
– Painful scars
– Improved eyesight
– …



Infectious lesions on the feet, risk of phlebitis or thrombosis, heart problems, pregnancy, fever, vomiting, inflammation, prostheses, major pathologies, oedema, anti-coagulant treatment, recent fractures, etc.


45 euros

Duration of the session

1 hour