Sound healing in Duo

For more complicity, the Duo formula, is suggested to you to share a unique moment of well-being in a breathtaking landscape, surrounded by rice fields…

The session is preceded by a guided meditation or breathwork.

The instruments, used during the session, are combined to create harmonies and vibrations and frequencies all around the body, resulting in the sensation of being enveloped in a thick sound cloud…

The sounds generate both physiological and energetic rebalancing, by re-circulating energies, harmonizing emotions and lifting blockages, which promotes the self-healing of your body through the work of frequencies. They cause specific notes to resonate through the energy field, promoting a deep sense of peace.                                                                 

The brain slows down the speed of these brain waves after they have been synchronised, balance is established and physical or emotional tensions are released. A state of plenitude is established…

The combined benefits can contribute to better mental, emotional, and physical health, offering an overall experience of liberation, well-being, and relaxation.

I offer these healing and meditative experiences to corporate settings, private groups, and retreats.

Please do not hesitate to contact me for additional information, and together, we can craft a customized package tailored to meet your specific needs.

Both of yours sessions were great and very healthy for me. I am so happy with the results. A deep feeling and awareness of the univers out there and my inner univers. Experiencing this gives me peace and happiness. Thank you Aline for your generosity and love 🌈💕💫


3,250,000 Mil