Individual session 

Join us to experience the transformative sound healing in a breathtaking landscape, surrounded by rice fields…

The sound healing is a holistic vibratory and sound treatment that helps restore harmony and energy balance between body and mind through the sounds and vibrations emitted by bowls and ancestral instruments. These vibrations and sound waves take you on a journey into the depths of your being, facilitating deep relaxation and regenerative well-being. Through the power of sound, attention & intention you are invited to feel & expand the capacity of your heart.

The sounds induce physiological and energetic rebalancing by circulating energies, harmonizing emotions, and releasing blockages, thereby promoting the body’s self-healing through the frequencies.

I would describe music as the sustenance for the soul. As brain waves synchronize and slow down, balance is restored, and both physical and emotional tensions are released.




The combined benefits contribute to improved mental, emotional, and physical health, providing an overall experience of liberation, well-being, and relaxation.

Go within and let the healing begin…

Did you know that water being an excellent conductor, it allows the waves emitted by the bowls to be absorbed quickly into the body, which is made up of 70% water, to resonate throughout your Being, deep within each of your cells?

To illustrate, imagine yourself throwing a stone on the surface of still water. You will observe the concentric circles that water forms on the surface around the stone.
The sound bath treatment works in a similar way on your body.
At the start of the session, you will be more attentive to these precious sounds, then your body will gradually resonate with their vibrations, which will allow you to find the link with yourself, your Higher Self.
Thus, this sound bath offers you a real space of relaxation and letting go, to guide you towards an inner transformation.
A universe of new vibrations and sensations will open up to you…

In summary, the instruments facilitate a route to your higher consciousness and inner silence, in order to access a state of health, well-being and self-healing by reconnecting with your soul. 

I offer these healing and meditative experiences to corporate settings, private groups, and retreats.
Please do not hesitate to contact me for additional information, and together, we can craft a customized package tailored to meet your specific needs.

The Sound Bath session with Aline was wonderful.
It felt like a sound massage, a massage on an energetic level, as if the sounds of the different instruments were caressing the body with their vibrations.
Pure relaxation and harmonisation.
A gift for my body and mind.
A thousand thanks, Aline, for your sound magic!

Benefits :

– Immerse yourself in deep relaxation
– Reduce stress and anxiety
– Calm the mind
– Alleviate sleep problems, relieves insomnia
– Relieve physical and emotional pain (trauma)
– Relieve from digestive and urinary disorders, backache, chronic fatigue, migraines, …
– Improve blood circulation
– Revitalize the immune and hormonal system
– Harmonize body and mind
– Reconnecting to creativity and intuition
– Reconnect to your Higher Self
– Rebalance the energy centers (chakras)
– Untie the energy knots
– Helps to concentrate
– Dissolve crystallized memories
– Promote emotional balance
– Experience the joy of living
 – …
During the first 3 months and beyond the 8th month of pregnancy, children under 7 years old, a person with a pacemaker or a metal spine.
Adapted care:
Pregnant women (after the 3rd month and before the 8th month) as well as people with metal prostheses can benefit from the treatment, which will be adapted to their current conditions.


1,800,000 Mil

Duration of the session