Group session:

In the sacred journey of self-discovery and reconnection, the sound bath is a profound ritual.

Before it commences, we embark on a guided meditation or breathwork, centering ourselves in the present moment.

The instruments chosen for this sacred journey harmonize and blend their vibrations, creating a lush sonic tapestry that envelops your entire being. As the waves of sound ripple through your energy field, specific notes resonate, inviting a deep and lasting tranquility.

Synchronized, the mind gracefully slows its tempo, fostering balance and releasing the grip of physical and emotional tensions.

The combined benefits can contribute to better mental, emotional, and physical health, offering an overall experience of liberation, well-being, and relaxation.


Each month, around to the full moon day, an invitation awaits you to participate in our collective healing sessions, featuring the soothing sounds of singing bowls and other ancestral instruments.

These sessions can be held both indoors and outdoors, allowing you to immerse yourself in the tranquil beauty of our natural and volcanic landscapes.

Additionally, these healing and meditative sessions are available for corporate settings, private groups, and retreats..

Please feel free to reach out for additional information, and together, we can craft a customized package tailored to meet your specific needs.


I wanted to thank and congratulate Aline for the great session. The room was very nice, with a very good atmosphere and warmth. Aline’s personal welcome was very warm and caring. From the session I can say that Aline took me on a very pleasant and therapeutic journey through my body and mind, I felt very well guided and accompanied by the different sounds and harmonies that Aline masterfully gave us. I felt movements of liberation and regeneration of my energies and blockages, very beneficial. I highly recommend the Sound Therapy with Aline. Thank you, thank you, thank you 🙏🏻


The session was spectacular!!!! The first few minutes, it felt like I was floating… 🙏🏼


I tried a group sound session with Aline, it was an amazing experience. All the instruments she plays create a very peculiar magical atmosphere, which favours contact with old emotions and memories. I have never tried anything similar, I have experienced that the energy of sound is really powerful.



11 euros + contribution in the rental of the venue

Duration of the session